_Composite rods • JITEC

Joncs Composites • JITEC

Cousin Composites’ technology allows the production of composite rods based on glass, aramid or carbon reinforcement, and in a range of diameters from 0.5 to 11 mm.
The parallel dipping impregnation of continuous fibers with a thermosetting resin is the basis of manufacturing. This process is suitable for accelerated production. The impregnated threads are then assembled, formed and calibrated. Before rolling on the storage wheel, the composite is then finalised by thermal polymerisation.

• Applications: telecoms – reinforcement of fibre optic cables

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_Duct rods • TIRATEC

 Aiguilles de tirage • TIRATEC

An on-site tool specially designed for setting and pulling cables in long conduits.
The duct rod is formed from our fibreglass composite rods with a thermoplastic covering, generally in polypropylene.

• Applications: telecoms

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_Innovative yarns • FLEXTEC, YARNTEC

Fils innovant • FLEXTEC

The melt spinning line involving the Cousin Composites plant since 2016. We can now include in our offer the design of innovative mono or multiple component yarns. This equipment can implement all thermoplastic polymers which can be transformed up to 400 °C (PE, PP, PA, PET, PPS, PEI, PEEK, Copolyamide, Copolyester etc..).

Our teams manage a host of yarn processing technologies, offering operational possibilities by full bath or surround impregnation by extrusion. The variety of our coating technologies allows us to respond to the most demanding requirements.

• Applications: sports and leisure, aeronautics, technical textiles, building...

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_Racket strings

Cordage de raquettes squash tennis

The unique expertise of the company in terms of manufacturing strings for tennis and squash have made it a European leader.

The Cousin Composites range of specialist string experts includes the stringent management of two manufacturing technologies which have led to the specificity of products: on one hand a unique “multifilament” manufacturing process for strings and on the other, a “monofilament” extrusion-stretching production technology.

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